The main objective of the project was to develop a common strategy for the cross border area, with an emphasis on the territorial dimension of the development process.

The Strategy aims at highlighting and valorising the regional identity, not only by placing emphasis on the common values, but also by stressing the cooperation and exchange between the two states.

The Strategy provides the vision of an integrated spatial development of the cross-border area, with a focus on the particularities of the area: the peripheral character, the cultural and historical heritage, the environmental aspects and the transport networks. Therefore the strategy approaches the main common priorities, the twin cities on both sides of the Danube as territorial drivers, the role of development corridor of the Danube and the opportunities caused by the vicinity of the Black Sea.
The Strategy contains: a vision for territorial development, strategic objectives, specific objectives, policies and project proposals.
The implementation of the measures identified by this Strategy aims at turning the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria into an attractive, functional and cohesive region, a real access gate to South-East Europe.

The strategy elaborated will be proposed after the closure of the project to the both Governments for analysis and endorsement after all the regulatory and institutional specific requirements will be realized.

A Danubian region that, with the joint contribution of Romania and Bulgaria, connects places and people and become a cohesive and competitive area, in a valuable natural and cultural framework.

On the basis of this visions were elaborated :